How do movers pack clothing?

If you need help packing your hanging clothes, let us at The Best Movers know and we will bring wardrobe boxes that are completely free to use during your move and are the most efficient way of moving your clothing.

Will movers pack for you?

If you need help packing for your move – give us a call as we have a few options for you to choose from. Ranging from a full pack service, partial packing service and a simple packing service – we at The Best Movers will make sure that your items are packed with utmost caution and care.

What will movers refuse to move?

Every item that exceeds our weight limit of 450lbs and/or is considered to be toxic, harmful, dangerous, flammable or hazardous will not be moved by The Best Movers due to liability reasons. Give us a call for more information regarding a certain item if you are not sure whether it falls into one of these categories.

Will movers move a gun safe?

As long as it doesn’t exceed our weigh limit of 450lbs, we at The Best Movers will have no trouble moving your gun safe on your behalf.

Why hire professional movers?

If you want a moving experience that will require no time, effort or hassle on your behalf, hiring professional movers to tackle the moving process on your behalf can provide you with just that. People hire movers when they are physically unable to move on their own, don’t have time to move on their own, or simply want their move to be handled in a professional manner.

What do movers and packers do?

When you hire the movers and packers at The Best Movers they will provide you with a full pack service, meaning that the entire packing and moving process will be conducted and handled on your behalf entirely.

Will movers move a piano?

If you own an upright piano and there are no stairs in the way when having to move it – our professionals at The Best Movers will have no trouble moving your piano for you. Otherwise, it might be best to hire professional piano movers.

How do movers charge?

Once we arrive at your location, you will sign an agreement with our movers and this will indicate that the clock has started. The clock will stop once our movers complete your entire move and the total bill will be provided to you.

Are movers usually late?

We at The Best Movers provide our clients with guaranteed arrival windows, meaning that our movers will always get to your location on time to start the move.

How many movers should I hire?

Our moving consultants at The Best Movers will suggest the best crew size for your relocation depending on the size, complexity of your move and other special factors that can come into play during moving day such as stairs, heavy items, long carry etc. By giving us a call – we will provide you with a free moving quote.